Parenting Workshops

Hello Baby Session

A Hello Baby session lasts 25 minutes. We'll show you what your new baby (newborn to 3 months) can do, how your baby communicates with you, what your baby finds stressful, and what you can do to reduce discomfort. Observations can have a remarkable and transforming effect on your relationship with your new baby.

 Parenting Workshops

A Parenting Workshop lasts approximately 45 minutes. You'll discover a wealth of research-based information, sensible tips, techniques and equipment choices, which may save the day when you are struggling to work out what is best for your new baby (newborn to 3 months).

You'll also have the opportunity to explore and handle equipment, ask questions about your new baby, discuss concerns, and share experiences with other mums and dads.

Baby Crying

  • Discover the cues and different cries your baby uses to communicate with you
  • Find out why your baby instinctively adopts a 'bent frog' position when picked up
  • Explore the benefits of wearing your baby in a wrap or sling carrier
  • Learn how to wear your baby safely

Baby Colic

  • Find out what colic means and when it occurs
  • Explore the main causes of colic
  • Discover what you can do to successfully manage the symptoms
  • Learn how to reduce discomfort

Baby Comfort

  • Explore soothing techniques that replicate the womb environment and provide security and comfort
  • Discover how to restore balance when your baby cries
  • Learn how to swaddle your baby safely
  • Discuss pacifier use and safe practice